1. A page from Storm Signal 1, the newest book from the Cowboy House Correspondence Club. It will be available to all non-Correspondence Club members at Ghengis Con in November. To sign up for the Correspondence club, and get new CH goodies delivered to your door monthly, click here!


  2. Another page from Public Bath, a small book found in Real Life.


  3. Page from Public Bath, a small book from Real Life


  4. A cover from one of the mini-books found in Real Life. 


  5. A self portrait for the new Cowboy House Correspondence Club book Real Life, a collection of small books in a nifty package. I have not posted for some time, due to the fact that I have moved and was looking for a job for a while. Also, I don’t yet have internet in my house, so that is an issue. You should sign up for the Cowboy House Correspondence Club, it’s five dollars a month with the 1st month FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff? You get a new Cowboy House publication delivered right to your door (along with other goodies!) every month, before it premiers at a con! 


  6. prettyjeff:



    if you’ve already read it, and you like it, please share this - i really want people to see this book


    Mike and I are going on a trip, and won’t be back until next week. BUT, for the first time ever, you can pay what you want for our book ZOOKEEPER VII, about Kevin James’ dark night of the soul. This is one of our most popular books, and the first one we’ve ever put online in its entirety. I wrote/designed it and did the covers, and Mike did all the illustrations.

    Cop that shit at our Gumroad.

    See you next week!

    GET THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW. This book has the Pretty Jeff Seal of Approval.

    Oh yes. This can be yours if you wish it!


  7. Finished collaboration with talented electronic artist Nice Nate, to commemorate the first album in his Quasar Kid trilogy. There is talk of future collaborations in the works, perhaps even a comic of some kind! I am pretty excited to work with the likes of Nate, check his stuff out on Soundcloud, check out Quasar Kid 1. You won’t be sorry!



  9. characterwednesday:


    Mike Madsen

    A drawing of Galactus.


  10. You=Kosmos